Venetian Glass Jewelry

Venetian glass making was a secretly guarded formula which has been in existence since the thirteenth century. It’s a complicated process, and a lot is involved in making it the craft that it is. To this day, the technique is revered throughout the world for its vibrant colors and crystalline clarity, elaborate designs, and unmatched craftsmanship, honed over several centuries. Since then, we continue to create inspiration for the collection at Susan Shaw. 

See the timeless beauty of Susan Shaw’s glass bracelets and necklaces

Susan Shaw’s Venetian designs exude artistic flair that appeals to anyone who values Italian fashion and art. These much sought after pieces of jewelry encapsulate beauty, craftsmanship and style, and are available in either cristallo/clear or aqua. The polished, faceted unique pieces are visually stunning, capturing and emitting light like the ocean. They add a touch of authentic style to any outfit.

Grab a piece or two from Susan Shaw’s Venetian glass etched intaglio pendants of bees, coins, fleur de lis, horse heads, or crosses. These earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are handcast and set in 24-karat gold plating. The designs incorporate large and small pearls, thin and thick gold chains and will suit individual tastes.

You do not have to travel to Venice to get these exquisite pieces. You can find a matching set for a coordinated look or pick a few various designs and mix and match them for a bit of variety. It is a small price to pay for the glamor and sophistication that they offer the wearer.

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