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Knowing classic style needs no filter, Susan Shaw started designing her handmade jewelry collection in 1979 with heirloom quality and attainability in mind. Today, Susan Shaw keeps her vision as the soul and brilliance of the brand and continues to create new collections and styles each season.

Susan Shaw silhouettes are distinctive and easily recognized among loyal fans for their artistic themes, including bee and butterfly motifs that are evocative of old Italian wax seals, vintage-influenced coins and crosses. Collections are inspired by her fine arts education, travels throughout Europe, and elements of nature and architecture.

All Susan Shaw jewelry is handmade in the USA. Headquartered in San Antonio, TX since its inception, each piece is handcrafted by a team of local skilled artists and distinguished by signature details such as genuine pearls, triple plated 24Kt gold, and richly colored semi-precious stones like turquoise, onyx, coral and quartz.

As she works, Shaw is mindful of the modern woman’s busy lifestyle. Each piece is lightweight and designed to be easy to wear and versatile, but give women a sense of stylish elegance and grace.

“I’m a Texan and a Southerner, which means I come from a long line of women who don’t leave the house until they are put together,” says Shaw of her quest to design everyday pieces for the woman who wants to look elegant every day. “But as a busy working mother, I learned early on that it doesn’t matter how beautiful a piece is, if it isn’t effortless, you won’t wear it.”

It is this attention to detail and awareness of how real women live, work and dress, that have made these timeless silhouettes a family tradition among women of style. Woven throughout a woman’s stages of life, Susan Shaw jewelry is treasured by daughters and granddaughters alike.


Susan guides her family owned business to support local shops throughout the country. “We always encourage customers to shop their favorite store for Susan Shaw Jewelry, as our retailers are the backbone of our success. Our Texas pride aligns with our goals – community support and empowerment of entrepreneurs.” What began as a creative outlet for Shaw, has grown into a globally respected brand that she runs alongside her husband, son and ever-growing work family. Susan Shaw jewelry is proudly carried in gift shops and fine boutiques in all 50 states and 14 countries. Search for a local retailer near you.


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