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About Susan Shaw and her Texas-made jewelry 

Susan Shaw has been wholesale-jewelry focused since its inception. Shaw guides her family-owned business to support local boutiques throughout the country. “We always encourage customers to shop their favorite store for Susan Shaw Jewelry first, as our retailers are the backbone of our success. Our Texas pride aligns with our goals – community support and empowerment of entrepreneurs.”

Susan Shaw’s artistic flair and passion for wholesale jewelry production is clearly visible in her pieces.  Susan Shaw’s artistry is recognized for its impressions of nature brilliantly etched in gold-plated foundations. With featured typical motifs of medallions, flora, fauna, and crosses, her pieces continue to carry signature appeal.

Shaw’s Texas-made jewelry collection showcases rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces that can easily transition from being worn in high-end, formal settings to casual occasions. Her designs feature baroque, asymmetrical styles and embellishments with semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls

The pieces are handsomely finished, often interpretations of the landscape around us, and are iconic in all forms.

What began as a creative outlet for Shaw, has grown into a globally respected brand that she runs with her husband, son and ever-growing work family. Susan Shaw Jewelry is proudly carried in fine boutiques in all 50 states, and in 14 countries throughout the world. Continuing to expand her reputation as a remarkable Texas jewelry designer, Shaw releases new collections each season, filled with all of the hallmarks her range is known for. 

Susan Shaw’s boutique studio can be found in San Antonio, Texas, where a talented team of artisans craft each piece by hand. Email for more information on any of the pieces on the website.

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