Starting Summer in Palm Beach Style

The past year, we’ve partnered with some lovely Florida gals that do a fabulous job of showcasing Susan Shaw jewelry on social media. In Palm Beach, we got to finally meet them! We planned a day of fun and content creation with the talented Caroline Bramlett of LCB Style. Palm Beach locals Beth and Danielle from Palm Beach Lately and texaflora girl Blaire Rogers joined. Sisters Sarah Tucker and Molly Boyd, along with their mother Nan, made a three hour drive from the Gulf Coast side of Florida to meet us!

We started the day on Worth Ave. and then made our way to Major Alley - a blooming alley of vivid orange and pink bougainvilleas. The floral colors complemented our wardrobe almost-too-perfectly, the bright oranges matching the prints we love so much from our friends at tyler böe.

This alley, however picture perfect it may be, is not just for show. Behind the beautiful doors surrounded by lush greenery lives some lucky locals, and we got to meet a few! One sweet lady opened up her dutch door to gush over our gorgeous models. After chatting with us she walked right across the way to her boyfriend's place (what a set up)! 

A Happy Golden Hour on the Beach

After an eventful morning shoot, we sat down together for lunch at BiCE. The Italian bistro style restaurant off of Worth was the ideal place to escape the afternoon heat and recoup from a busy morning while getting to know each other! We went our separate ways for the afternoon with plans to meet back at the beach for happy hour.

As the sun went down we set up the prettiest picnic in the sand with charcuterie and refreshments. The weather was perfect - the sky cotton candy pink with the sun setting behind us and an extra light breeze. It was the perfect setting to capture our new Summer pieces - some that you've seen but more that will launch later this month! We can't wait to share these styles with you. 

It was a true joy meeting these wonderful women. Not only are they talented tastemakers, each one of them is a good person with a huge hear. We shared stories and laughs, walked along the beach, and sipped champagne until the sun went down. It isn't every day that you get to sit down with some of the coolest people in one of the prettiest places in the world. Thank you to Sarah, Molly, Nan, Blaire, Beth & Danielle for a fun filled day! Extra special thanks to Caroline for helping us plan an amazing shoot and for her incredible photography (pictured here)! Keep reading for more on our stay in Palm Beach.