A timeless symbol cherished for centuries.

The Jerusalem Cross has been a symbol of faith for centuries. Being one of the most recognizable emblems in the world, the Jerusalem cross has several interpretations. Some historians believe that the large cross represents Christ, while the four smaller crosses represent Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Others suggest that the symbol is a visualization of the gospel being spread to the four corners of the Earth. Some historians argue that the five crosses are indicative of the five wounds of Christ from His crucifixion. With this, the four smaller emblems represent the four wounds of His hands and feet, and the large cross signifying His pierced heart.

People from all walks of life wear the Jerusalem Cross for protection, and as a symbol of their faith. Historians note that royal members including King Edward VII, King George V, and Kaiser Friedrich III had the Jerusalem Cross tattooed on their bodies upon visiting Jerusalem in the 19th century. Known by several names, including the christian crusader cross and the Jerusalem crusaders cross, this timless symbol is understood by generations of Christians.

Boasting five crosses, this spiritually significant motif spurred a robust collection to keep your faith close to your heart. These pieces serve as a wearable reminder of your faith for everyday, or special occasions.

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We hope you come to cherish the Jerusalem Cross as much as we do,
and find a pieces that serves to remind you of your faith.