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Cotton pearl jewelry 

White pearls have embodied an air of sophistication for centuries, offering reflections of glamour. Multi-layered designs are now back in vogue, offering a reignited tribute to this classic look. 

However, the weight of regular designs like this is significantly heavy and uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Susan Shaw offers a cotton pearl jewelry collection that's designed for a lightweight, modern touch. 

Cotton pearls are made by compressed cotton, tightly spun to form a bead, and finished with pearl coating. The result  is a much lighter form of a pearl, and therefore the flexibility to create larger designs.  The intricate process used to craft cotton pearls makes them just as valuable as freshwater pearls. 

This range incorporates intricate designs, all the while enabling the wearer to feel comfortable and look put together. Shaw’s assortment of handmade lustrous cotton pearls captures the light, exudes sophistication, and captivates the senses when worn.

How to style your Susan Shaw cotton pearl jewelry 

Each pearl is a little luminous work of art all on its own. Choose from a host of single or multi-strand necklaces; a gorgeous single-strand necklace is a versatile staple that every woman needs in her wardrobe. Pick a single-strand necklace and adjust the drop to suit your neckline. An opera-length design worn as a single-strand is also a classic and beautiful way of wearing one of these distinct pieces.  Alternatively, you can double-over the piece to shorten it to a choker length and add layers. 

These timelessly elegant designs that will stand out in any setting. Pair with Shaw’s cultured pearl bracelets for the perfect combination. 

Explore the wider range of timeless designs online now – including tortoise-textured pieces, crosses, coins and keepsake varieties.

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