You will love Susan Shaw's collection of elegantly crafted tortoiseshell jewelry. You can never have too many pendants or necklaces in this unique design that adds a little fun to any outfit. It is a classic look that never goes out of style and has been a part of women's wardrobes for decades because of its versatility.

You can get your hands on some must-have contemporary pieces when shopping at our online store. Each creation is rich in color and in unique patterns of brown and black.

Each piece has been designed and carefully handmade for a look that is reflective of glamor, but can offset a casual outfit, too.

Handmade Tortoise Shell Necklaces and Pendants

Each piece of tortoiseshell jewelry we sell is handmade to order, so you know you are getting only the best when buying from our online store. This collection incorporates some expressly different compositions, including French swell and arabesque earrings, long chains in triple-plated 24kt gold, and detailed bangles. With such variety, you can match pieces for a seamless look.

We also offer an array of gorgeous earrings and bracelets uniquely designed to make you stand out from the rest and perfect an elegant but modern look.

We know you will find the appeal in this flattering array of finery, and as you explore our online store, you may discover other beautiful must-have items in the Susan Shaw range. Check out our cultured pearl bracelets and toggle bracelets, which are beautiful keepsakes to gift to yourself or a loved one.