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Jerusalem cross jewelry 

Susan Shaw’s Jerusalem cross necklaces and pendants’ eye-catching designs make them a popular choice among those who are looking for a unique and beautiful way to express their faith. Susan Shaw’s selection of jewelry features this timeless insignia through carefully crafted pieces, made exclusively in her Texan workshop. 

The wider collection also boasts pearl drop earrings, ear studs, gold-plated necklaces, rings, and bracelets, all depicting this precious symbol, and fashioned to make a statement for the wearer.

A history captured in Jerusalem cross necklaces and designs 

The Jerusalem Cross has, for centuries, been a symbol of faith. It is one of the most recognizable emblems in the world. Its format represents five symmetrical crosses in one: a large cross that divides the emblem into quarters and four smaller ones, each with their own quadrant. 

According to some historians, the four smaller symbols represent Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and the larger of them represents Christ. Others state that the symbol represents the spread of the gospel to the four corners of the Earth. Meanwhile theories have suggested the five crosses represent the five wounds that Christ sustained when He was crucified.  The four small emblems represent the four wounds of Jesus’s hands and feet, while the large signifies His pierced heart. People across the world wear the Jerusalem Cross for protection and as a symbol of faith. 

Historians also state that several royal members – like the Prince of Wales (aka King Edward VII), the Duke of York (aka King George V), and Kaiser Friedrich III – had the symbol tattooed on their bodies when they visited Jerusalem in the 19th Century. 

For those also looking to display their faith or admiration of this truly remarkable emblem, Susan Shaw handcrafts delicate, elegant Jerusalem cross necklace designs, jewelry and accessories. The boutique range also features Maltese cross designs.

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