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There is nothing more American than buffalo nickel jewelry that is solid and long-lasting. In our collection of gorgeous jewelry, there is strength and grace in each pendant which highlights this animal’s 's magnificence. Because each coin used is an Authentic American nickel, each image is detailed differently, whether the decoration is on a bracelet, earrings or necklaces. These designs bring you back to a place where Earth and the sky meet, especially our pieces with turquoise and white beads.

The triple-plated 24Kt gold and hand-cast sterling silver plating are excellent finishes that enhance the pendant's design and make the image stand out as a feature. You will only find the very best at great prices, so you can display your pride in your country every time you go out.

Eclectic Pieces of Buffalo Nickel Jewelry

Never get caught wearing basic earrings again by choosing from our extensive collection . Each piece is handmade by local artisans, which adds to their beauty. These complement each item in your wardrobe, whether you choose to sport a casual look or dress up for an occasion.

This high-quality collection is unlike anything else in our line because the coins used are authentic American nickels. We have choices available in various styled chains, including double-linked and multi-strand and adjustable rings.

The possibilities are endless when browsing our online store. Discover more quality boutique items such as our popular long gold cross necklace, chain bracelets, and our beautiful new sunflower pendants, which are perfect to buy for yourself or give to a loved one.

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