“Some of the names are people that I work with, friends, family, daughters…it all has a meaning.” -Susan Shaw

Each collection and piece of Susan Shaw jewelry is carefully named. While some pieces and collections may be inspired by an idea or a place, we’re celebrating 45 years of Susan Shaw by taking a look back at some of the people behind the names.

The Bentley Bead Collection

The Becca Collection

The Milly Flower Earrings and The Sarabeth Pearl Drop Earrings

Playful yet timeless, the Milly Flower Earrings and the Sarabeth Pearl Drop Earrings are named after Susan’s granddaughters. Susan loves seeing the sisters accessorize with her designs as they get older!

The Annie Conchos Collection

Steeped in heritage, the Annie Conchos Collection is named after one of Susan’s favorite Western icons: Annie Oakley. With each piece handmade in Texas since 1979, it’s fitting that one of our collections is inspired by America’s favorite cowgirl!