We sat down with Susan to talk her latest collection.

How has your life experience inspired the Crossroads Collection?

"Having traveled throughout the South and the West, I have long admired the culture and tradition in both areas of the country. The first necklace I ever made was Southwest inspired, adorned with chili peppers. At the time I was visiting Santa Fe quite frequently and wanted to bring that Southwest look back home to family and friends. Bridging the South and the West together in Texas style has been something I have always loved and in this collection we're doing it in a bigger way. The Crossroads Collection was designed with Southern and Western fashion in mind, in hopes to create pieces that embody the culmination of both, which in my opinion is the spirit of Texas herself." 

What specific elements from Southern and Western style did you incorporate?

"You'll see the silhouettes of conchos in this collection, plated in our signature 24K gold, embellished with turquoise and pearls. Turquoise is a staple in Western fashion, and pearls are a long time favorite accessory for Southern girls. By incorporating them into this collection, we bridge the gap between the two styles and create a new look synonymous with Texas."

You grew up in Texas, tell us about your lone star roots. 

"I'm a Texan, tried and true. Texas is where my ancestors settled centuries ago and it's where I chose to raise my family and start my business. This collection is a love letter to my heritage. I grew up in a small town in Central Texas that's best known for its barbeque. I ventured just an hour from my hometown of Lockhart for college to Austin to attend The University of Texas. After graduation, I settled another hour away - in San Antonio."  

What Spring style advice would you give women this season?

"This Spring, I hope y'all introduce a concho to your jewelry box and pair it up with your floral dresses and some cowboy boots. Get creative with you ensembles and try something new! Mixing classic spring styles like flower and bee motfis with contemporary gold conchos and my new Texas Xs will elevate your spring style!"

How would you style this collection year round?

"This collection is very versatile. Using natural elements that transcend seasons lets this collection be a mainstay in your wardrobe throughout the year. Concho inspired etchings are seasonless, as opposed to flowers or more limiting motifs. The etched conchos add intrigue and dimension to a look any time of year. The bold golds are a signature style of mine, and the introduction of amazonite stone offers a really pretty color way that is wearable year round. It all stands strong on its own, yet pairs seamlessly with my existing collections."