The Bee Collection

Gold Bee Jewelry and Bracelets

Bees were symbols of royalty and power in Ancient Egypt. In Lithuania, these creatures were the symbol of friendship and therefore, could not be bought or sold. The dwindling population and the effect this is having on the world’s agricultural resources is a testament to how important these insects are to humans today.

Much like Jerusalem Cross jewelry, the honeybee carries a plethora of meaning. For example, it’s linked to magic and romance, and symbolizes love. It is where the endearment ‘honey’ is derived from and in most parts of the world, they are a symbol of wealth, good luck and prosperity. 

Wearers of designs featuring these tribute charms are said to attract these traits as well. The honeycomb’s intricate hexagonal pattern also carries its own symbolic meaning with the six sides (and the digit) being associated with Venus the goddess of love.

Susan Shaw’s collection reflects all of these unique traits

Susan Shaw’s boutique has a range of gold bee jewelry and bee bracelets that will make the perfect gift for the honey in your life. A lover of nature would also appreciate these wonderful creations. Susan Shaw’s collection has a range of gold bee jewelry and bee bracelets that will make the perfect gift for a nature lover or the honey in your life.

The range contains bracelets, bangles, pendants, cuffs, studs, statement earrings, necklaces, and rings. The collection includes these insects in gold etched intaglio, Venetian glass intaglio, as well as three-dimensional gold-plated versions. Some pieces in the range incorporate pearls and precious stones adding more charm to each item. These nature-inspired jewelries will capture the heart of a loved one. Whatever the bee symbolizes to you, with such a wide range to offer, we know you’ll find a truly remarkable piece that’s as unique as your own tastes.