Susan's Summer Reading

Susan has been hitting the books this summer! She loves to read pieces centered around high fashion and history. This summer she has been diving into both history and historical fiction, many including elements of mystery and reality. Drawing much insporation from art and design, Susan loves to polish up on the lives of noteable fashion figures. A busy-body at heart with a passion for style, Susan finds stories about designers and entrepeneurs to be fascinating and encouraging. 

Several of these recent reads are particularly relatable as they tell the stories of female entrepeneurs who built a business from the ground up. 

Peak into susan's library

The Lost Jewels by Kirsty Manning

This historical fiction piece based on a true story follows Kate, a respected American jewlery historian as she unfolds family secrets that change the ways she sees her lineage. Told in a dual timeline perspective, readers get to follow the mystery through both Kate and her great-grandmother Essie's perspective. 

The Lost Jewels is a great read for anyone interested in historical fiction, mystery, family ties and of course, diamonds.

The Chanel Sisters by Judithe Little

Judithe Little takes the background of the famed Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel and her sister Antoinette and creates a riveting narrative chronicling their childhood and journey from rags to riches. 

This historical fiction piece is lively and intriguing from start to finish. 

The House of Gucci by Sara Gay Forden

The House of Gucci is undoubtedly a page turner full of glamour, high fashion and mystery. If you are interested in thoughtful insight into the rise and near fall of the Gucci dynasty, this is a no brainer. Dive into this Nonfiction piece to explore who did it... and why? 

Soon to be a movie, too!

The Queen of Paris by Pamela Binnings Ewen

The master of the little black dress has more to her than meets the eye. Ever wondered what she was like behind the runway curtain? The Queen of Paris, a historical fiction piece, gives light to Chanel's life during the Nazi occupation in Paris during WWII. Perhaps she isn't what we think. 

Cartier's Hope by M.J. Rose

This historical fiction follows journalist Vera Garland, who is ready to assert herself into society, not willing to bend to the expectations for typical female journalists. Looking for answers, equality and a little bit of revenge, Vera keeps readers on their toes throughout her journey.