Happy Hostess: Myka Meier

November 12, 2023

Meet Myka:

Introducing you to the Queen of Modern Etiquette. Myka Meier has accomplished the seemingly impossible task of learning to be socially-savvy less daunting and more relatable. According to her website, "Her modern outlook on etiquette revolves around the motto that it’s just a way of conducting yourself in order to show respect, consideration, and kindness to those around you." As the founder of Beaumont Etiquette and The Plaza Hotel Finishing Program, a two-time best selling author, and an experienced brand storyteller, Myka Meier has perfected the art of teaching others the skills needed to succeed in any social or business setting. 'Tis the season for holiday festivities, and the Susan Shaw Team chatted with Myka to discuss all things modern etiquette to ensure a successful, socially-savvy season of celebrating.

Q: You are most definitely one of our style icons. What do you consider to be your daily, go-to "uniform" -- including your everyday Susan Shaw picks?

MM: I love contrast and a bit of style drama! I would describe my go-to uniform as a popped collared Oxford button down, tucked in with a stretchy cotton trouser, a ballet flat and then a fabulous pair of bold Susan Shaw earrings and a matching bracelet. Susan Shaw first caught my eye because of the bright gold pieces which pops with anything you wear.

Q: Similarly, what is on this list to ensure that you are a fabulous guest -- that is sure to be invited back again?

MM: I always offer to help wherever I can- from the moment I accept the invitation I ask what I can bring, and during the party I try to see where I can help and always offer to assist in any way. Of course, you never want to arrive empty handed- and bringing a thoughtful host gift shows gratitude for being invited and hosted. Lastly a thank you letter goes a very long way.

Q: On the topic of traveling, how do you pack to best be prepared for life on the road? What lives in your jewelry case?

MM: I have a jewelry roll that I take everywhere with me, and I keep at least 3 pair of earrings with me- a pair of studs, and two statement pair. A jewelry roll is a game changer- it keeps you organized, protects your jewelry and you can just throw it in your bag. I have a YouTube video on what is in my handbag, and you can see the roll up close.

Q: Okay, let's talk about wedding guest attire. What are major "dos" and "don'ts" to consider when getting dress to attend a wedding?

MM: I advise people to match what they wear with the formality of the event. Be sure the colors and materials you wear are appropriate for the dress code, venue, season, and environment you are in. Colors are important too- white and off-white are traditionally reserved for the bridal couple and be cautious of wearing a black dress during a summer day wedding or similar.

Q: Final question: as we approach a season of festivities, is there anything that is currently on your Susan Shaw wish list?

MM: I have had my eye on the Double Link Chain bracelet for a couple months now. It will go perfectly with my Queen Elizabeth Coin Necklace!