Our vision was to create a setting filled with every piece of our Blue & White jewelry on display surrounded by its inspiration, Susan's own antique collection. Susan guided us through the collection of porcelain that fills every corner of her home and we sorted through to pick just a few pieces for the event. Over the years, Susan and her husband, Eric have collected many vessels of varying shapes, sizes, and colors, from rich, blue hues to the more aqua celadon.

Options abound, we listened to Susan's stories of she and Eric roaming the antique markets of Paris for pieces. She reminisced on how they would explore markets wherever they traveled and made lifelong friends along the way, including one couple they met in Dallas while exchanging stories about thrilling finds. In the 70s and 80s the couple became their go-to source for pieces straight from the "the City of Blue and White", Jingdezhen, China. They kept a wide array of Chinese antiques showing in an old converted church in Georgetown, Texas. The Shaws were invited to browse the selections and they ended up spending countless weekends in Georgetown admiring pieces, picking the perfect ones to build on their own collection.

Susan and Eric have sourced their porcelain pieces from around the world, thoughtfully curated over time, and carefully placed throughout their home, both inside and outside. This made our party decorating easy, with Susan's outdoor space as a natural backdrop. Susan notes that design, both jewlery and for the home, takes patience and persistence - one simply can't rush perfection!


 What good is a birthday party with no cake? Our fabulous chinoiserie inspired cake was handmade by a friend using an edible watercolor technique. Displaying the cake atop a stack of themed coffee table books added both height and an inviting, living room feel. We had cups and napkins commemorating the milestone made by Memory Lane, our friends up the street, adding a sweet reminder of the hard work we put in over the past year. After all, we can't forget the reason for the celebration!

We requested that everyone attending wear the hues of the collection to create a sea of blue and white, seamlessly blending with and complementing our pieces. We celebrated outside around Susan and Eric's beautiful lanai, which made the perfect backdrop for a party. We loved seeing how guests paired jewelry together and gave each other styling suggestions. What fun to accessorize together in such a joyful setting! Friends, champagne, and stunning baubles made the afternoon one to remember.