You can find blue and white musings curated by interior designers and influencers across the digital world. It excited Susan to see that her love of the porcelain was shared by many, including a new generation of tastemakers who have made the patterns and color way a lifestyle. The traditional art resonates among younger collectors who call themselves "grandmillennials" and have a taste for tradition. 

Blue and white tastemakers, Grace Hamlin and Sarah Tucker, are friends who have bonded over many shared interests. The Susan Shaw team connected with them over their love for blue and white, and the two captured the jewelry and what it means to be a blue and white fan with a backyard brunch kicking off the collection. Follow these lovely ladies for lifestyle inspiration!

This collection is Susan's most personal yet. We hope you feel inspired to style your wardrobe with these thoughtful touches of timeless art, and that these pieces will bring joy to you or a loved one. 

Take care,