The Coastal Collection

Hello again! We are so excited to announce the relaunch of our blog. For over 30 years, we have been lucky enough to bring you inspired pieces that we hope brighten both your wardrobe and your day. We believe at this time it is important to connect with each of you a little more, and this blog will be the best way to do that. Spotlighting everything from interior design and travels that have inspired many of Susan's collections, as well as the stories of people who share her entrepreneurial spirit that we have connected with through the years. We hope to uplift you with what is uplifting our Susan Shaw team.

Today we want to give you a mental vacation from your daily routine. We are inspired by the sea--its vastness and tranquility, and life below and above it. Let's dive into a collection that can send you on vacation from wherever you are.

Susan has been designing sea-inspired pieces for a couple of decades now. With retail partners stretching from the Gulf Coast to the New England shoreline, their influence is what sparked these collections.


Susan has always been fond of decorating using seashells, a subterranean art form popular in France. But shells are not just for decorating a beach house, they are art formed by the ocean for all of us to display and admire. Susan's been adding to both her personal collection of seashells and her jewelry for years.

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Nautical to Tropical

These pieces will summer-ize your wardrobe wether you're throwing a staycation or lucky enough to be on a boat or a beach somewhere. 

One of the main reasons we started this blog was to show the parallels between the fashion and interior worlds, which drives our jewelry design, and the natural world where it all stems from. See elements of Susan's favorite decor style:

Seashell Decor: Shell and Coral Antique Cottage Chandelier | Shell Chic Coffee Table Book found in Susan's home, inspiring her decorating and jewelry collection. | This stunning shell chest was made by an artist in Newport Beach and sits in Susan's entryway. | A favorite photo of Susan and her husband, Eric is framed by shells.

Whether we have provided you with an inspiring idea for your next trip or simply a quick mental getaway, we hope you enjoyed it and continue to follow along!

Take care,